Our Beginning


Our lavender dream began in 2009. The first lavender plant was given to Erlinda in California as was the dream to start this endeavor. A year later while Erlinda was in Kansas for a visit, the first lavender plant was bought to start the lavender patch dream. This is a project brought together by the Daryl & Erlinda and Davin & Betsy Reichard families, bonding two states, two families together in strength, courage and perseverance. These are the qualities that have been used throughout the years and will continue over many more.


Through the years, the lavender farm dream continued to grow, although the directions are constantly changing. Because of various circumstances, Erlinda decided it best to become more of a "silent" partner rather than active in the patch, although her love and support continues.


Betsy and Davin Reichard

2009: Both families together at Mission Springs Family   Camp. That summer the dream began after Erlinda took  us for a visit to Lavender Hollow Farm in Escalon, CA.      

2010: Betsy and Erlinda buying the first  lavender plant- from Kris Gant at Twin Oaks Nursery,

Ft. Scott. The plant didn't make it but we did!

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