Thank you for visiting our store. You can shop several ways:

  1. Visits to us IN The Lavender Patch gift shop is allowed even with Covid-19. However, by the state of Kansas all are required to wear masks. We also would like you to use the provided hand sanitizer and gloves if you want to pick up products to get a closer look. 

  2. Order online under in our Shop.

  3. Order online and select to pick up at the farm - inside or curbside - with no shipping fee.


Please note, to order online and have your products shipped or picked up at the farm: 

  • Shipped: Place your order and mark for it to be shipped to the address where it is to go and we will ship it. 

  • Pick up: Place your order and "pick up at The Lavender Patch." You will receive an email or call telling you when it is ready. Once you arrive at the farm, we provide inside or curbside service with no shipping fee.

     (620) 223-1364