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The Lavender Patch is our small, family-owned lavender farm in Southeast Kansas. Originally thought up in 2009, and started in 2010 with our "practice plot" to see how it would go, we've been going strong now for 11 years.


In 2011, we moved from our long-time home in town and out to the farm, and using that year for more research and prep for starting a full-fledged lavender farm. We began planting in earnest in 2012 and haven't looked back since. Our lavender farm has come a long way since then. Days, weeks, and even years of planning, then prepping, trial and error (some days more error than success), harvesting, and making has gone into our farm to get us to where we are now.


In one way or another, family, extended family, friends, even other growers and entrepreneurs, have all helped create our Lavender Patch and we are so thankful that they have as we would not be where we are without them. We are also thrilled to have people come and enjoy the hard work that so many have put in to our lavender fields! :)

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